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So, already I’m a bad person because I can’t tag this fabulous pic that’s been lingering in my tragic wishlist file for weeks. But you know how SOME clever people can do design boards? I cannot. What I can do is point at a picture and say “ya know… Like THAT. But minus the stuff I don’t like!” Well, tonight: a breakthrough. I showed this picture to El Spousador and said one word. That word was “sunroom”. And… He Understood Me!
It appears to be a common Chicago occurrence that if your house is older than 5 minutes, someone at some point enclosed a porch or three. Which, besides being cold in winter, hot in summer, notably INDOORS, yet not completely a part of the action – it’s a freaking long, skinny room. Since day three of Haus Ownership, I’ve wanted to make this abomination my personal winter garden. Sadly, the curse of freelance work (ahem- in some circles, that’s pronounced “unemployment”) kept me from this sweet goal.
Well, NO MORE! I can now announce that I have been faithfully going to a Real Job Like a Big Girl, for three whole weeks! I can now get started on Projects. Yay! Projects!
Better still? I showed this one magical pic, said one magical word, et voila! My husband is now delighted with me. He UNDERSTOOD. Besides being a miracle in gender relations, this also marks a First in Haus Projects Everyone Can Believe In. (Because usually I just wait until he’s gone, and then “surprise” him with the nearly finished product… A very “iffy” management style, I know.) Now, thanks to this pic I not only wish I could tag, but want to thank everyone involved in its creation personally – marital accord!
Christmas. It’s Christmas.
So… To recap: yes, this is a very shallow, fluffy, selfish blog post. But let’s look at the score –
Job: check!
Marital relations improved through Art: check!
Check!: check! (as in: paycheck, a thing unknown in moons! Checkity-check!)
Plans: check!
And now…. First blog post in, um, a while (quality and topical relevance notwithstanding): check!
I think we’ve all earned a cocktail, Internet!
Swizzles ‘n Snacks in the Sunroom, peeps! May fabulousness come to you all, and to all a good night!