It seems I have trouble following my own rules – like how “Travel Monday” is supposed to fall on, um, Monday. Well – let’s chalk it up to MLK Day: there’s civic shenanigans afoot, and we’ve got to get all riled up about them.

If you haven’t seen these already, take a good long look…

Really – take your time. Click on the image at left, go to the site. Look them over. WBEZ does a great job of breaking it down, but there are additional surprises in store – especially for residents of Logan Square. I’ll give you a hint: if you take the Latin Caucus map, and turn it on its side… it looks JUST LIKE the middle finger it is.

Then again, that’s not hugely different from the current situation… which makes one ask: why are they redrawing the wards again? Was it to correct the problem of, say, a neighborhood with no clear leadership, no standard from one street to the next (cough! Recycling! cough!) and no way for businesses and homeowners to work together if they are, in fact, in two (or three… or four? REALLY?) different wards and have no juice with the alderman as a single voting bloc?

The LSNA is hosting a meeting this Wednesday (January 18th) at 6 pm, at the North-Grand High School, 4338 W. Wabansia (1700 N). Meeting to be held in conjunction with the City Council’s Latino Caucus, so that will be… interesting, to say the least. I fully expect to hear Rey Colon get to use his now-famous “I don’t care how many people you get to sign a petition!” stance in response to what promises to be wide-spread anger. That’s IF he shows up…

Yes, it makes perfect sense to divide one neighborhood into four wards – just so the incumbent aldermen can keep their precious demographics, making re-election an undeserved certainty, thereby securing the Caucus’ comfy lead… and, what  – did you expect them to do anything else? Poor baby! Oh, sweetie… rest your widdle head. No they won’t do anything else – why would they? Unless we kick up a fuss. A fuss that includes words like “gerrymandered” and phrases like “kindergarteners could do better with crayons, you dolts.” I ‘ll try to keep any comments I make on the polite and actually useful side… what YOU say is your own lookout.

Any takers? While you’re stewing in righteous indigantion, be sure to check out the LSNA’s sample letter to send to the Alderman in charge of the redistricting – go here for more info.