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What can I say? I love me some good gritty street art. Political? Confrontational? Hilarious? Inexplicable? I’m just happy to hear from you. And although I can respect the graffitti artist’s dedication to risking life and limb, your tag really means nothing to me. (Sorry, Weed Wolf!) The best art is always a conversation. So to celebrate my fourth year (4 years! Wow! That’s the most committed I’ve ever been to… um… anything!) of collecting pictures of street art, here’s a run down of last week’s best.Rhino, Butte Aux Cailles

My compliments on the placement, Good Sir: I turned a corner and there was a rhino.Butte Aux Cailles

Exactly. Well put.
Butte Aux Cailles

It’s even in English.
All pix by Victoria RectorI’ve been obsessed with these “ghost images” since 2007 – they were the gateway drug.
Marais FroggieMy new favorite – a toad. In the Marais, of course!
Victoria RectorIt combines so much that is topical (OWS) and tired (Zombies) and it’s in English. Did these people know I was coming?
Victoria RectorLove! I saw him again, this time with another bandmember on the wall of a Pharmacy off the Rue Mouffetard – but it was raining too hard to catch them, and then I *forgot* I *hadn’t*. Sadness! But at least I still have this one.
Victoria RectorRather unlikely mates, I think, but still a fascinating display.
Victoria RectorI love this. Clean, simple, charming – just catches the attention mid-stroll, makes you giggle, leaves a warm fuzzy imprint of connection in its wake…
Victoria RectorThis was so startling when I first saw one like it. I heard it was part of a promotion for something at one of the museums when it began, but then took off… Now, these ghost people are everywhere.
Victoria RectorIt’s a conversation. Maybe you want to quote something profound, and your audience just wants googly eyes. Everyone wins on the streets of Paris!
Victoria RectorAnother slightly creepy ghost child – this time with flowers. Additionally, merely snapping this picture won me the ire of a genuine Crazy Cat Lady (Parisian Edition) who assumed I was Up. To. Something. I do have a suspicious look, you know… or maybe she didn’t want to share. Either way, Sailor Wraith, you won me one hell of a reception.

Since I risked life and limb, please don’t use without permission. And enjoy your walk home tonight… someone is trying to tell you something, everywhere you go.

January 10 – SuperJournalisty Update!! Two things my extra-smahty-pants friends (and El Spousador) have brought to my attention: The man on the cover of Time opposite Mumia is Dominique Strauss-Kahn, disgraced president of the IMF (FMI in French) and a man known for his many, very personal attempts to, ahem, “baiser” the poor. Which just makes it that much cooler. And, well, that is NOT a rhinocerous… I have simply watched “Midnight in Paris” a few too many times and can’t stop saying the word… All apologies, and thanks for the superbe detective work!