… And for me to run wildly like a chicken with its head cut off. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but still – a bit disappointed in myself. How old does one have to be to maintain some level of composure during the Holidays?

I have a backlog of local events, semi-local discussions, and fun-filled Travel Mondays to write… A Haus to get ready for our first Christmas… presents to buy… Parisian excursions to prepare for (squeeeeee!)… blatant self-promotion to achieve in order to earn some moolah to pay for all this damned glamour… and regular, everyday stuff that seems to get pushed along in the wake of my Seasonal Manic Disorder.

SO what do I do? Get a half-assed start on all of it, then find myself crying over “Meet Me in St. Louis” because my grandmother and I used to watch that every year, but she died this February. Really, you sentimental weakling? Yes, really.

Man up! Says I.

No! whimpers the not-so-inner 3-year-old currently making decisions in my head. Don’t wanna!

This will never do. But on the other hand – is this a season of materalistic excess? Keeping up with the Joneses? Envy and covetousness, crass commercialism and gluttony  – a festival of bad choices in wine, cookies, credit cards and comfort foods that bring no comfort when you wake up flabby, hungover, and broke? Or is it supposed to be a season of darkness lit by what’s most important: family, friends, traditions, memories – even rank sentimentality when the occasion calls for it? (And it will. Apparently…)

Nice try, chump. Nana also had a tradition of a clean house, raked leaves, simple healthy meals and no self-serving nonsense. She woulda slapped you right upside the head and handed you the rake. SO get your butt moving!

It’s days like today I realize: I need an adult around.

New projects are coming! Many of them begun in this past week. There’ll be some new writing projects, some new community-interest matters to discuss, some Haus-Frau nonsense to enjoy, and definitely some travel to ideas to share. I’m also giving myself a particularly tough cold-weather challenge: find more things to write about what’s great in Logan Square.

I have decided I will no longer tolerate my winter routine of the past three years: five blankets, two kittens, hot tea, and a couch. No more shouting “Vicky is an Indoor Cat!” when my husband suggests a frolicsome bike ride through the tundra. I WILL VENTURE FORTH. I WILL TOUGHEN UP. I WILL NOT BE A SLUG. Today, I made myself run about two miles through Palmer Square – okay, I didn’t run the whole 2 miles, but I ran at least 4 laps! The walking is, um, circuit training. (That’s the ticket.) I found it’s a pretty great place to run: people watching aplenty when you want it, trees and open space when you don’t, a surprising variety of terrain for such a teensy little park. And dogs. Lots of dogs doing doggie things = free comedy.

What’s your favorite thing about Logan Square? What do you love to do here/what keeps you going here when it’s cold and wintry? Here’s your chance to share a great tip… or simply dare me to do something ridiculous because you can plainly see I’m gullible. Either way…

Right now, I’m getting ready to meet El Spousador doing one of our favorite things in Logan Square: beer and burgers at Revolution. It’s Winston Churchill’s birthday! And Mark Twain’s! Get your history-nerd quote-machine ready! It’s time to geek out! 

I’m suggesting a new tradition: the season of really good conversation, great new memories, and tasty (and organic) eats offically begins today. No crying, no slacking, and… you know what? Show tunes are always welcome. But I’m drawing the line there.