Why? Because nothing like this has happened in my lifetime. How about you? What will you do about it? And I have a history there – I was there for 9/11 when 26 people I knew were killed – I was there for the 2003 Blackout when I saw stars between the buildings of 57th Street – I was there for the 1996 Yankee’s World Series Parade, standing 15 feet from Joe DiMaggio – I was there for Peace Rallies, the first time our Government turned a deaf ear to the wishes of its People… I wish I could see this, as the people are finally demanding to be heard.

And I wish I could help.

Don’t turn away. Please keep watching. I can promise you this: it ain’t boring. The day started at 7am with blood in the street… thousands more protestors are heading toward Fifth, thousands are held up by a handful of cops, thousands are fanning out to all 5 boroughs on the subways “to raise awareness, not to impede”. At 5 pm – they’re taking a bridge.

Here in Chicago, we can hear sirens from the 36th floor on Michigan Ave. I know #OccupyChi was heading to the Thompson Center at 3:30… Twitter is either not working, or no one is tweeting (a fact I find unlikely). IF there was EVER a day to show your support… don’t wait too long.