Another day of working in riverfront splendor – and what timing, just as the weather decided to get gruesome.

Equally gruesome is the state of our sidewalk at the Haus – we have what’s known in technical circles as a “slooooow” water main leak. Usually, you hear “water main leak” and visions of geyser-like plumes immediately crowd the frontal lobe; what our problem lacks in drama, it certainly makes up for in persistence. Now we’ve got the lovely Christina at Alderman Colon’s office trying to intercede on our behalf – may the Angels of Water Conservation sing her to sleep… while the Demons of Threatened Basements torment the souls of all Water Commision employees until they FINALLY FIX THIS!!


Gardening work continues, rife with misinformation, lack of supplies, and a generalized laziness. To wit: we have guests coming this weekend, and a Clambake planned. Hooray for fun! Boo to the cleaning, the shopping, the wishing I’d already painted the living room, bought more furniture, hung the curtains I didn’t buy yet… you know what? Let’s just make sure we have enough wine. Everything good starts there…. Anyway, the weekend guest is one of my oldest friends, so if she judges me for the lack of “Martha-osity” in the Haus right now, I’ll be dead of surprise before I can cry about it.

Labor Day weekend – and for the first time all summer, I have more work than I can handle. Oh, Irony. You’re such a pain in the ass sometimes! But Friday always brings its own sort of resolution – the week decides on the flavor it will carry in our memories, whereas Thursdays are made of the raggedy loose ends and ever-lengthening lists we fuss over before it all becomes clear.

Or, at least, that’s what I’m telling myself. Laundry, dusting, de-cat-furring, and healthy denial await. If I can just get the laundry started and the guest room dusted, the denial will go nicely with a glass of wine in the backyard – the increased insect population has brought swallows by the millions to the skies of Logan Square. Wouldn’t miss the show – not even in the heat.