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Wondering how can you generate earth-shaking excitement in your mid-Western weekend? (And do you all know what I’m talking about?) Fear not, kids. Get out from under the table and write this down:

From A Greener Field: Logan Square’s Committee on Biking and Pedestrian Issues – Bike Walk 35 – will be presenting design proposals to Alderman Colon and the community. Topics: plaza space, pedestrians, bike routes… why Colon always tells us what he’s actually been up to about 8 months too late? Meh. Maybe not….
DATE: Thursday, August 25th | TIME: 6:30-8pm
LOCATION: St. Sylvester Parish Gymnasium – 2157 N. Humboldt

From the Active Transportation Alliance: Levi’s will be giving away hipster-iffic, skinny, reflecty, biker jeans (the first of their kind!! Oooooh!!) at Big Star Taco on Thursday, August 25 from 4-8 pm. This will enable you to show off your new, free, no-one-else-has-them-yet (except maybe every other hirsute, bespectacled, and underfed taco-fiend in Wicker Park and Logan Square) Fancy Pants at:

Critical Mass! The one, the only, the wheeled, the mighty. Friday, August 26 at Daley Plaza (Dearborn & Washington) 5:30 pm. Feel the rush that invading locusts know as you and hundreds of new friends push fossil-burnin’, engine-lovin’ types right the hell off the roads of our fair city. Shouting “Back to the Suburbs!” at them is entirely optional…

Wow that was fun. But now ya need art. Don’t we all? Let’s meet at the Bucktown Arts Fest, Saturday August 27 & 28, from 11-7pm for some good eats and mindblowing creations by over 200 artists. They say 40,000 people came to the last one. That’s a lot of art fans to fit in one park… but luckily it spills way beyond the borders of Senior Citizens Memorial Park  (2300 N Oakley/2300 W Lyndale). And I can attest to the true tastiness of last year’s food – it was memorable. And messy. Like eat-over-the-sink messy. Mmmm…

Truth be told – there’s way too much going on this week. Wide variety o’ stuff at the Alliance Francaise, Summer Dance, and Argentine Tango events all over town – and all I really want to do is play in the garden! But the End of Summer is Nigh! Reminding me to get busy with all the fun things we won’t be able to do soon  – and bam! – just like that, I find I do have the strength to head out into the thick of it…